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Hi there I’m MAX ;)

I’m a happy go lucky fella who loves to do everything differently with my eyes closed :)

I pretty much am like most of the kids around. The only difference is that I do mostly what everyone else does – but not by seeing through my physical eyes or sensing through my physical senses, but by seeing/ sensing through the my vision which I derive from the ‘Universal Energy’, and I like to call it “Vision beyond Vision”.

So, effectively I do mostly everything that most kids around do, but by not using my physical sense organs – but by attuning myself to the Energy and deriving
‘Vision beyond Vision’.

I believe that whatever the human mind can think of, it can be manifested, as it simply involves just the exchange of energy and information.
Max – The Modern Monk

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  • Date of Birth : 7th March 2006
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Miracle -“Vision beyond Vision”

To a man living in a native Tribe in some remote corner of Africa; who still wears leaves as clothes, eats fruits, insects and raw animal meat as food – to someone who is still struggling to find a way to rub stones properly to create fire – to someone who is still sleeping in caves or trees - To him building a 40 Floored Centrally Air-Conditioned glass façade building is definitely a ‘MIRACLE’.

A Big Question ?

But let me ask you! Is it really a:

Boy who sees wearing the Blindfold

Boy who sees wearing the Blindfold in Gurgoan

Like Mirage, ‘Miracle’ seems like a shadow to the ones who are ignorant, and to the ones who have the “Vision of Seeing beyond”, ‘Miracle’ looks like a ‘SEED’ that has a potential to grow as a Huge Tree giving shadow and fruits to hundreds. We simply get astonished at a thing when we see an ‘effect without knowing the cause’. It’s like saying that an astronomer won’t get astonished seeing an eclipse of the sun, simply because he knows the cause.

However, on the other hand a naïve child or a layman would be stunned and would term it as a ‘Miracle’; simply because he is ignorant of the scientific explanation and does not know the cause.

Like Mirage,

‘Miracle’ seems like a shadow

to the ones who are ignorant, and to the ones who have the
“Vision of Seeing beyond”,

So Something is Amazing !

simply because its cause is hidden

We term the hidden cause as a ‘Miracle’.So, in other words, anyone can perform a miracle, if the cause and effect are known, &/ or they become the same.
Gurgaon Boy seeing with his Eyes closed

Over the years, the human mind has been attuned to the see/ feel/ experience/ accept just the tangible, and believe only what the limited capacity of the logical human mind knows, leaving behind the infinite knowledge spread across the entire Universe. It is a fundamental scientific fact that things are often not as they seem, or at least, they are not as how we perceive them to be. Let’s go back in time, some 50 years back. ‘Technology’, which is the basis of today’s existence, was it real then? The answer is ‘Yes’. It is just that it wasn’t yet uncovered then, it wasn’t explored and the cause was still hidden.

Science & Spirituality – as defined by Max the modern monk


our scriptures and Vedic books which are over 5000 years old talk about :

Performing ‘Miracles’ such as levitating, astral travel, telekinesis, shape shifting, and so on , based on the basic principle of ‘energy’ which states that ‘everything is energy’, and ‘all is unified’. However, all of these are still beyond the logical explanation of the modern day Science. What our saints and yogis were able to perform (so called ‘Miracles’) was simply because for them the ‘Cause and the Effect was one and the same’.

They understood the simple science of ‘ENERGY’ – which modern day science is still struggling to comprehend through quantum physics.

However, with whatever breakthrough physicists have been able to make till date, they are sure of one thing that ‘everything is energy, and energy is everything’, implying that the “Cause & Effect is the same Thing”.

Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.Albert Einstein

Closing Thoughts

I have been blessed to have gurus and mentors who explained me the concept of ‘Energy’ and ‘Oneness’ with one’s own self, and with the entire Universe’, and this enabled me to unify with the ‘universal energy’ to have a ‘Vision beyond Vision’. Be the ‘energy’, you want to attract.

— Max – The Modern Monk

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Everything is Energy

Science & Spirituality – as defined by Max the modern monk : It was not until very near past that scientists always were fantasized by the vastness of the Universe and were trying to decipher it’s mysteries through various mechanisms and evolved the ‘Theory of Relativity’ which led to the conclusion that the Universe is ever expanding. And from the ever expanding vastness of the Universe, the scientists got intrigued in the infinitely small ‘sub-atomic’ realm. After all, you can’t exactly understand how large things work without knowing the ins-and-outs of the small stuff, too. Exploring the realms of ‘Quantum Physics’, studies started being conducted at the sub atomic level, wherein Scientists began to smash electrons and other particles in what is known as the famous ‘Double Slit Experiment’; to which, they quickly realized the foundations of the physical world weren’t physical at all—that everything is energy.

So, scientists derived that ‘everything is energy, and energy is everything’. Further, ‘energy is present everywhere’, and it is Energy which is responsible for the Infinitely vast ever expanding Universe to function in the state of perfection – with galaxies, planets, starts rotating constantly around each other and on their own axis. Also, it is this very Energy, which is binding together the life at the sub atomic level making the electrons revolve at a speed infinitely faster than the speed of light, and still holding the nucleus and the atom and molecules in place and not letting them fall apart.

Now, to swiftly merge ‘science and spirituality’, just replace the word ‘Energy’ with ‘The Supreme Power’ or ‘God’, and the outcome would be a message that any and every religious/ spiritual book/ guru/ deity/ religion would have ever given. Many of the Spiritual beliefs include an element of the unknown, unseen power, something beyond logic, and the supreme truth. This element has been defined by various forms of energies - soul, spirit, qi, prana, life force and various other names. Hence, summarizing the spiritual believes in tandem with the theories of science - ‘everything is energy and consciousness flows through everything’. Further, as everything is Energy, I, you, me, animals, birds, vegetation, amphibians, aquatic animals, microbes, viruses, anything and everything is nothing, but ‘Energy’ – ‘the soul’.

Science and Spirituality – as defined by Max the modern monks

If we look microscopically, there is no difference in what Science and Spirituality are saying:
‘Everything is Energy, and Energy is Everything’!
— Max – The Modern Monk

Therefore If you closely observe the aforesaid two theories, you would conclude that what is being proven by science today, has been mentioned in our scriptures since over 5000 years ago. It is just the words, algorithms, and the terminologies which are different – But in reality, both Science and Spirituality are working in tandem – stating the same fact: ‘Everything is Energy, and Consciousness flows through everything’. Quantum physics, while it proves that ‘everything is energy’, it also shows how weirdly this energy can behave.

and that is exactly what spirituality states.

Closing Thoughts

The philosophy of spirituality and the finesse of science is a lethal combination. It is this entanglement alone which can converge the divergence, and unlock the mysteries.

- Max – The Modern Monk

We are Energy

‘I Believe, we are Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey’
- Max – The Modern Monk

The Magician and his Magic Show of max boy

Merging the Law of Thermodynamics and the philosophy of spirituality, we can easily derive that
‘We are energy, and energy never dies. It just changes forms’.

Further, Quantum Physics has proven that the atoms that form objects and substances which we call solid are actually made up of 99.99999% space. Now, as everything is made up of atoms, which is nothing but energy, we can sum up that everything is made up of energy. The energy that makes me or you is the same energy that makes the trees, mountains, water, the very chair you are sitting on; also the phone or the laptop that you are currently using. All of this, everything – It’s all made up of the same stuff – ‘Energy’. Further, if everything is made of atoms, and atoms are nothing but ‘energy’, and if ‘everything is energy’, it simply implies that everything is 99.99999% empty. Wow! - That is some weird fact that oscillates my mind every single time I think of it. I look around and wonder that how possibly my phone, laptop, room, floor, the roof, even my body itself – all of this could possibly be empty – just possibly be ‘nothing but intangible, energetic information’. Further, what would make reality weirder for you is when I tell you that you have never ever actually touched anything in your entire life. Scientifically speaking, ‘Electron repulsion’ between your fingertips and/ or any other medium (anyone’s hand / cloth / phone screen / cup, etc) makes touching any other thing impossible. Further, at the subatomic level, everything is energy and nothing is really tangible.

As physical beings (apparently physical beings), with our limited knowledge span, we define reality in physical terms. But given the umpteen scientific proofs, science now firmly believes that ‘everything is energy’. So, at the most fundamental levels, it won’t be incorrect to conclude that ‘this entire World, and everything and everybody living in it, is not physical at all’.

This brings me to a point, wherein I seriously start to think that maybe ‘We are Spiritual Beings on a Human journey’, with a purpose much bigger than mere survival and certainly beyond the basic four activities that most of us and all the animals are engaged in – ‘eating, sleeping, mating and defending’.

‘Energy’ is the ultimate truth. His vastness spans beyond the entire ‘universe’, and he still is smaller than the smallest sub atomic particle. He is the one who makes you, and is still a part of you. He is present everywhere, but cannot be seen anywhere. He is everything, and everything is made up of him, but is still unknown. One can experience him constantly sparkling within one’s mind and within one’s own heart beat – but he cannot be touched. He cannot be perceived by the physical senses, because he makes the senses function. Also he cannot be perceived by the conscious mind, because he makes the mind think. The only way to know him is to merge your mind with the universal mind in a state of oneness, as he is a part of you, and you are a part of him”.

The ‘Energy’ as science calls it, and ‘The Supreme Power’, as spirituality calls it, can only be best understood as ‘information’, ‘intelligence’, and ‘consciousness. Bottom line, ‘matter and energy’, ‘information and consciousness’ are just different ways of looking at the same thing. It’s all the same.

Oneness – ‘everything is energy, and energy is everything’.

The Supreme Power = Energy = Information = Intelligence = Consciousness = Matter = Mass = Life = God = Spirit = Self.

I am intrigued by the phenomenon of living in a world made up of solid objects, which actually are 99.9999% empty, while still perceiving that they are tangible. I constantly keep wondering whether this is the reality that we live in or it is just a holographic virtual impression of the real, which exists somewhere else. Also, is the world real at all, if it is not physical at all.

And, if we have become the part of this mysterious world, what is the ‘Purpose of our Life’?
- Max – The Modern Monk


The modern Monk

as defined by Max the modern monk

As our scriptures say, “Aham Brahmasmi”! Now, that’s what defines me and makes me, me! – ‘Vikramjeet Singh Kanwar’ or ‘Max’, as I am lovingly known.

I believe: “I am not the body, nor am I the mind”. I am simply the soul, which is a part of the supersoul, or to put it in other words, I believe that I am simply the ‘energy’ whose purpose is to merge with the ‘universal energy’. Quantum Physics and all domains of Science have established that ‘Everything is Energy’.

Implying that ‘The Universe’ is a huge ball of Energy, of which I, you, everyone, and everything is a part of – which means that I, you, everyone, and everything is nothing but – Energy! Whatever I am capable of doing is simply because I believe that I am a part of this Universe - This Huge Energy Ball. And the more I am learning to attune to this Universal Energy, I am more and more becoming a part of it. And again; scientifically speaking; since everything is a part of this ‘Brahmand’ or ‘Universe’ – Everything is Energy, so am I. So, to simply put it across; because everything is ‘ENERGY’; including myself; I find no difference in the cause and effect of what I perceive &/ or what I do.

As our scriptures say
12 years old Max Superhero

I, as on date (year 2019) am 12 years old, studying in Grade 8. Have a small loving family comprising of my grandmother and my best buddy (my mom). I kinda excel in Mathematics and love my Sciences. Am a sportsperson, and have played Basketball @ National and International Levels. Also, I am preparing for the state championship of Boxing this year. In addition I also have my little enterprise called ‘Max Rebuilds’ wherein we offer innovative Recycled products in exchange of waste paper (basically we have re-introduced Bartering) (you may check us out at

So, I pretty much am like most of the kids around. The only difference is that I do mostly what everyone else does – but not by seeing through my physical eyes or sensing through my physical senses, but by seeing/ sensing through the my vision which I derive from the ‘Universal Energy’, and I like to call it “Vision beyond Vision”.

Simply putting it across, I do my research and homework while I am ‘Blindfolded’. Also, I cycle around my colony with my friends ‘Blindfolded’. I also master my game of Boxing or Basketball while being ‘Blindfolded’. I even drive (at times my mom’s car) – but mostly drive through the go karting range ‘Blindfolded’. I walk around high streets and malls ‘Blindfolded’. Also I watch movies ‘Blindfolded’. So, effectively I do mostly everything that most kids around do, but by not using my physical sense organs – but by attuning myself to the Energy and deriving ‘Vision beyond Vision’.

What is more interesting is that I am now working upon skills to align my energies with that of my mom, so that I can remotely from wherever without any form of physical / telephonic or electrical connection, tell where she is and what she is upto. That’ll be fun! ‘Remote Viewing”.

Closing Thoughts

I believe that whatever the human mind can think of, it can be manifested, as it simply involves just the exchange of energy and information. -Max – The Modern Monk

mystery boy

With the onset of Quantum Physics, science accepts that the Universe, including us, is made up of Energy, not matter. Quantum Theories have proven beyond doubt that solid matter does not exist at all in the Universe. Atoms; which are the basic building blocks of simply everything in the Universe, are not solid. As a matter of fact, they have three different subatomic particles inside them: protons, neutrons, and electrons (which are further sub-divided into Electrons, muons, tauons, quarks, and gluons). The protons and neutrons are packed together into the center of the atom, while the electrons whizz around the outside. The electrons move so quickly that we never know exactly where they are from one moment to the next. Further, the electrons, muons, tauons, quarks, and gluons have no internal structure and no physical size, meaning that they are entirely illusory or to put in other words, simply ‘made up of energy’.

Furthermore, there is a mystic side to the quantum theory - It’s been proven that the electrons are both a wave and a particle at the same time (wave-particle duality). Electrons are ‘zero-dimensional’ and more like events than things. Electrons showed up in one form or the other depending on the kind of experiment, and the presence or absence of the observer. Also, they are hard to pin down—after all, ‘when everything is energy, it’s hard to keep it one place’.

Most weirdly, quantum physics has proven that the atoms that form objects and substances that we call solid are actually made up of 99.99999% space. Now, as everything is made up of atoms, which is nothing but energy, we can sum up that everything is made up of energy. The energy that makes me or you is the same energy that makes the trees, mountains, water, the very chair you are sitting on; also the phone or the laptop that you are currently using. All of this – It’s all made up of the same stuff – ‘Energy’. “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”
– Niels Bohr

mystery boy max
Max the super power boy

It seems like the more physicists are going in the sub-atomic realms, sense of normal ‘reality’ is getting bleaker. Reality is stranger than we think it is. And the one and only established reality is that “everything is energy and energy is everything”.

Let me ask you– are you sure that ‘it’s air that you’re breathing?’, or ‘are you sure that you are seeing through your eyes – and what happens to the light wave after it has projected the image in your eyes? ’, or ‘are you hearing from your ears – and what happens to the sound waves after you have heard those words?’

Fact is that ‘Everything you think is ‘real’ is actually only ‘information’ that the brain receives and then translates into a picture called ‘reality’. Scientists, through quantum theory are beginning to think the same way—understanding that energy is everything and energy is information in its purest sense.

When we shift to the paradigm that ‘everything is energy’, suddenly many mysteries begin to make a lot of sense. Such as, how do I see ‘Blindfolded’, or how do I decipher the color of an object by my touch or my smell, not through my physical eyes.

largest sensory organ of the body

The skin is the largest sensory organ of the body. The skin picks up various different kinds of "stimuli", such as touch, temperature, and pressure. Skin has various types of "receptors" that are activated by different stimuli. Upon a particular kind of receptor being activated, a series of nerve impulses are triggered. For a person to "feel" the stimulus, felt by the sensory organ (skin) the nerve impulses must travel and make their way up to brain. These impulses are the form of ‘energy’ which travel in the form of ‘information’, and helps a person decipher whether the object is cold, hot, smooth or rough.

On similar lines, we just have to attune our brain to explore that part of the brain which would decipher the information through the stimulus (which generally is not taught to us) – ‘Touch and See’. In my journey so far, I have been able make some breakthrough; wherein I am able to tell colors through the sense of touch and smell.

Going further, our eyes are responsible for four-fifths of all the information our brain receives. The images we see are made up of light reflected from the objects we look at. Scientifically speaking, it is just a ‘reflection’, which in other words can be called ‘energy’ or in simple terms, just ‘information’.

We are well aware that energy can permeate through any medium. So, that being the premise, ‘energy’ can very well permeate through the opaque medium of the blindfold and still reach the brain cells which would process the information and convert the said information into a picture – Right? Going by the quantum laws, the flow of energy / information cannot be obstructed by an opaque medium (such as a blindfold) &/or restricted to just one sensory organ (such as eyes). It is simply Energy – a set of information that the brain is receiving and perceiving, and then converting into a picture.
I can say that I have been blessed to be able to comprehend to the concepts of ‘Energy’ to a certain level, and using them, I have been able to let the ‘energy’ / ‘information’ permeate through the opaque medium of the blindfold and reach my brain. Hence, enabling me to ‘See Blindfolded’. Hence I derive my ‘Vision beyond Vision’!

Closing Thoughts
‘Seeing blindfolded’ or ‘activating your sense of touch / smell to be able to see or feel things’ is not the ‘end goal’. This is just the ‘means to the end’ – to be able to merge / align with the ‘universal energy’ to open the gateway to access the unlimited information present in the ‘universe’ through the power of ‘Meditation’.
- Max - The Modern Monk

mystery boy eye - Blindfold Challenge

How to

Become a ‘Super human with Super powers’.

Over the centuries of evolution, humans have evolved physically (from apes to walking upright), have learnt and mastered the use of tools, art of language, and the technical knowhow. Now that we have reached a stage of stagnation as far as the physical evolution is concerned, the only domain to explore remains the ‘Power of Mind’. The food for the ‘mind’ is constant ‘learning’. With information within the brain travelling at a speed, way faster than the speed of light; each set of information / learning creates infinite combinations of synapses amongst the 100 billion neurons and the trillions of dendrites comprising our brain, and all of this happening in less than just a split second. In the most sophisticated piece of machinery, i.e. the human body, stays the most sophisticated super computer weighing just about 1.5kgs, having more connections within it than the entire set of stars in the Universe. Being exposed to some 70,000 thoughts per day, with about 100,000 chemical reactions happening within it every second, and the information within it travelling @ 268 miles per hour, makesthe human brain the most complex unresolved puzzle. The composition of the human mind in itself is nothing short of a miracle or a mystery. So, to say that the human mind is capable of manifesting whatever it can think of - is in any way no exaggeration.

Memory is formed once the synapse amongst the neurons and dendrites is complete, and that happens only with the process of constant learning and repetition. And the only ingredient to the perfect learning experience is FOCUS / CONCENTRATION. Scientifically and mathematically speaking, being a ‘Superhuman’ simply means to explore and constantly form the maximum number of permutations and combinations within the 100 billion neurons and some trillion dendrites. As much as this mathematical equation might sound complex, it is easily achievable through the simple means of focus and concentration.

All our scriptures and the yoga systems rigorously promote the concept of ‘concentration’. Our sages and the yogis were the greatest mystics of all times, and that was possible as they all explored the infinite mysteries of the human mind through the process of ‘concentration’. Sadly though, in the modern times, our education system promotes the concept of ‘concentration’, but doesn’t teach the same. What is called ‘concentration’ today, is nothing but the simple process of ‘MEDITATION’ that had been promoted by our scriptures since about some 5000 years ago. Although meditation has existed for over 5,000 years, the scientific community has only been studying meditation for over 50 years

Meditation Improves Mental Focus

with the results of ‘meditation’!

Scientists now are convinced

Brain Scans have shown how Meditation Improves Mental Focus. It’s proven that meditators have stable brains and stable thoughts. Scientists now acknowledge that people who regularly practice ‘meditation’ may improve their mental focus by altering their brain function. A study by Italian neuroscientist Giuseppe Pagnoni, found that meditation not only changes brain patterns, but it also confers advantages in mental focus that may improve cognitive performance

Meditation leads to stability in the ventral posteromedial cortex (vPMC) region, which is linked to spontaneous thoughts and mind-wandering, as proved by the Pagnoni’s study. Psychologists worldwide are advising ‘meditation’ to the depression patients.

While on one hand scientists have been studying the ‘vastness of the ever expanding universe’, on the other hand, they are trying the explore the ‘sub-atomic realms’ by the means of the quantum theory.

‘Meditation’ however is the only medium which lets one explore both simultaneously. While ‘meditation’ opens the mind to a person’s inner world, it simultaneously unifies the mind to the infinite knowledge of the ever expanding ‘universe’.

Interestingly and contrastingly, the ‘sub-atomic particles of the human mind’ and the ‘gigantically huge galaxies’ found in the ever expanding ‘universe’, both are made up of the ‘same set of atoms’ – which is nothing but ‘energy’. Further, the information which is flowing within the ‘human mind’ and in the ‘universal mind’ is again nothing but ‘energy’.

Deriving from the above, it is rational to conclude that if one is able to unify with the ‘energy’ itself – which is the source of everything, he can achieve anything. And the state of being able to do anything is what fits in the definition of being a ‘superhuman’ – isn’t it!

‘Meditation creates Superheroes’!

Proof from the Past :

‘Meditation creates Superheroes’!

The idea of possessing superpowers has fascinated mankind for ages. Emperors in the history have for years together searched for the elixirs of immortality; shaolin monks have pushed the limits of what’s possible with the body for thousands of years, and still continue to practice the same. The stories of the alchemists are known by one and all, where they have for years searched ways to transmute metals into gold. The sages and yogis of our country have meditated for years to achieve ‘siddhis’- as have been described in the ‘patanjali yoga’ as well.

Our yogis had mastered the art of balancing their mind and both the physical and etheric bodies, enabling them to do astral travels, and shape shifting. Levitating while ‘meditating’ was a normal routine for the Tibetan monks. If all of the above does not fit the definition of ‘super-powers’ and ‘ superheroes’, what does? Even today, the thought of super-powers captivates the masses. From comic books to TV shows, and the countless movies (X-Men series, Lucy, Sky High, Dr. Strange, etc), millions of dollars are spent on creating virtual on-screen ‘superheroes’. And yet ironically, despite of the proof from the past, and the intrigue fantasy towards ‘superheroes’, the logical mind of the humans is always skeptical of the existence of ‘super-powers’.

Closing Thoughts
At this point of time, all I can say is – ‘you are more than welcome to meet me for a cup of coffee or a chat’. While I have yet not reached my destination, I am definitely on the path of my journey. And this journey in itself makes me nothing less than a ‘Superhero’, with abilities that not even 1% of the entire population of the world can portray, which qualifies for them to be termed as ‘super-powers’.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself, as you are the creator of your own Destiny’.
- Max- The Modern Monk

MAX, The People’s Person

Always in action...

MAX, The People’s Person

Every single person is a storehouse of immense potential, which just needs to be unearthed and awakened. By being amongst the people, and sharing with them my little secret, I try and trigger their mind and help them identify their hidden skill set.

As is said, ‘Seeing is Believing’, and when people see me right in front of their eyes doing stuff which they call ‘magic’ or ‘miarcle’ (as their logical mind cannot comprehend to the same), this is when I try and persuade them to find the hidden super-hero and the super-powers within themselves.

My intent is to spread the awareness about the hidden inherent skills that everyone possesses, and with the combination of the ‘logics of science’, and ‘philosophy of spirituality’, explain people the ‘power of the mind’, and ‘concepts of energy’ – motivating people to align themselves with the universal energy through ‘Meditation’.

Closing Thoughts
If people are not laughing at your dreams, your dreams are not big enough. So, dare to dream, step up and explore, as it is just the dead fish which go with the flow. Go ahead, and Live free.

Max – The Modern Monk

Services & Action

As an expression of gratitude towards the nature, we launched the brand ‘Max Rebuilds’, in association with ‘Be Positive Foundation’.

Under this banner, we create ‘Life from waste in style’. ‘Max Rebuilds’ works on the concept of ‘Bartering’ – wherein we exchange your waste paper for the innovative and unique product range of ‘Max Rebuilds’ which has been created from 100% recycled paper, and organic material.

We have an entire range of products ranging from a humble recycled paper pencils and pens to the fancy vibrant Plantable pencils and pens. Further, we also create a huge variety of notebooks in various dimensions – each notebook close to being called unique. Further, we have the reader’s delight category of hand painted and plantable book marks. And, as you read this, we are in the process of constantly innovating new ideas, with an objective to ‘Live Free’ in a society free of water purifiers and air purifiers.

Closing Thoughts

With an intent to show gratitude towards nature, we are on a mission to ‘create life from waste’ in style, with an objective to ‘Live Free’ in a society free of water purifiers and air purifiers.

Max Rebuilds Team

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